1935 Packard Dual Cowl Phaeton Dietrich

Last updated on August 29, 2021

Todays car is a 1935 Packard Super 8 Dual Cowl Phaeton Dietrich it is finished in Blue Sky on a August day Blue with a Dark Blue interior, convertible top and convertible boot. I saw this car at Marina del Rey Cars and Coffee held on Sunday mornings. The owner of this car is Earl Rubenstein. He bought it in 1963 from Dorthy and John Boss. They bought it for their wedding gift to themselves from Packard Motor Car Company on Michigan Avenue (automobile row) Chicago IL. It is powered by a 384.4 cu in, 6.3 liter with a Stromberg EE-23, in – line 8 cylinder, engine producing 150 hp and transferring that power through a 3-speed manual transmission with a Gear Vendor under/overdrive. Delivering that power to the rear wheels through 4.31 t0 1 gear ratio. Helping slow this baby down are mechanical brakes with vacuum booster on all four wheels. Suspension is Independent front with live rear axle suspension. The number of 1935 Packard Super 8s produced was 1,600 of which 11 Packard Dual Cowl Phaeton Dietrichs were built and this one is number 9.

Just as another story Earl bought 2 cars from the Boss’s in 1963. He also bought a 1953 Packard Caribbean convertible which John purchased for Dorthy’s birthday. She wanted a custom two tone paint, stick shift with overdrive, manual seat and manual windows. Great car look for it coming up in future posts.

This is a beautiful car with great history. Thanks for riding along. Frank

Earl on the right.
Adonis Packard Hood Ornament.


Earle C. Anthony license plate frame. Packard West Coast Distributor Los Angeles and San Francisco He also served on the board of the Packard Motor Car Co.