1934 Plymouth PE Deluxe

Today‚Äôs car is a 1934 Plymouth PE Deluxe 4-door sedan purchased in 1978 by Geoff Strand. I photographed this car at Manhattan Beach Cars and Coffee located at The Point in El Segundo, CA. It is finished in Fisherman blue with a tan broadcloth cloth interior and a black vinyl top. It is powered by a 77 hp, 201.3 cu in, L head straight 6 cylinder engine, with a single barrel downdraft carburetor. Mated to a 3-speed manual transmission with 4.371:1 rear axle.  Slowing this beauty down are drum hydraulic brakes in all 4-corners, a feature that Chrysler products included before many of their competitors. It also has independent front suspension, again well before the competition, using unequal length A arms, coil springs, and double acting hydraulic shock absorbers. The rear suspension has longitudinal semi-elliptical leaf springs with double acting hydraulic shock absorbers.On

August 8th, 1934 Walter P. Chrysler drove the one-millionth Plymouth off a Detroit assembly line. It was the the same model as Goeff’s car. The total number 0f 1934 Plymouths produced was 321,171 units with 108,407 of them being 4-door sedans. The MSRP was $695.00.

This is a beautiful example of an older restored car. What a great car to take to Mopar gatherings, Cars and Coffee events or as Goeff says “just driving it around as a grocery getter brings smiles to peoples faces”. Thanks for riding along. Frank

This was the sailing ship hood ornament’s debut. Photo courtesy of Concept Cars.com.
As a one year only feature both the driver and passenger side door windows featured a vent window. When the vent window was in the closed position, the entire window frame including the vent window could be rolled down. When the vent window was open then only the main window glass rolled down. 
The interior instrument cluster for the first time was positioned in front of the driver. rather than in the center of the dash.
Photo courtesy Conceptcarz.com