1934 Hudson Convertible Coupe 

Today’s car is a rare 1934 Hudson Convertible Coupe that I saw it at Elco Welding. You will have to excuse my photos as you can tell the shop is just a little crowded. But a very cool shop, a snapshot in time. To capture this rare car I had to work with what I had. This car looks to be mostly an original survivor in need of help. Bob has used it for racing and successfully. The original finish is Light Dorset Gray with a Dark Green interior and a Tan convertible top. It is powered by a Buick nailhead engine bolted to a 3 – speed manual transmission and I am guessing a Ford 9 inch rear end.

This Convertible Coupe has suicide-style rear hinged doors, hinged engine cooling vents, rumble seat, and flip-out windshield. The original engine would have been a 254 cubic-inch L-head inline eight-cylinder unit fitted with a Carter single-barrel carburetor and offering 113 horsepower. There is a three-speed synchromesh manual transmission, and four-wheel mechanical drum brakes It is not known today how many LT series Convertible Coupes were in the total of 18,679 cars that Hudson built in 1934.

Great rare car and it is a great driver as is. But, if you wanted to restore something this rare finding parts could be very hard even though some of the parts are common with other models. Thanks for riding along. Frank