1933 Franklin Series 17

Last updated on January 31, 2023

Today’s car is a 1933 Franklin Series 17 Deluxe, 7 passenger sedan and it is owned by Rob Webb. Lee Webb is his father and they are both well known in the Franklin Automobile community. I saw this car at the Marina del Rey Cars and Coffee that meets every Sunday at the Waterside Shopping Center. It is finished in black with a gray and tan and Ash wooden trim. It is powered by a 150 hp, 398.2 cu in, air cooled V12 with Stromberg downdraft carburetor. It is coupled to a 3-speed manual transmission with a 2-speed rear end with 4.50:1 and 3.50:1 gear ratios. The Franklin was one of the first cars fitted with hydraulic brakes. The suspension is semi-floating axles with semi-elliptic leaf springs.

The Franklin Automobile Company of Syracuse, NY built America’s most successful air-cooled automobile from 1902 through 1934 and were renowned for their air-cooled engine and the use of lightweight components. Of the 150,000 Franklins built it is estimated that about 3,700 have survived and only 200 v12 Franklins were build and it is estimated that only 20 of them have survive. In 1933 Franklin built 1,011 units.

The original MSRP range was from $3,885.00 to $4,185.00. The top speed is 95 mph that was reported from the mechanic who rebuild the engine. This is very unique and rare car that gets plenty of attention and will do well at any air cooled and orphan car shows and will be a hit at any Cars and Coffee event. What a cool car to take to dinner with the family. Thanks for riding along. Frank