1933 Ford Rat Rod

Last updated on September 6, 2021

Today’s car is a 1933 Ford Rat Rod. I saw this car at the Reunion Show at the Zimmerman ADM in El Segundo. My definition of a Rat Rod is creating a custom car from what you have, not always, but can be the inspiration for a design. A reinterpretation of 30s to 50s hot rods. It should have a worn look. They are fun. The appearance is almost always lacking uniform paint, showing rust, using what appear to be used parts and may and / or may not have thoughtfully placed bullet holes. They have to be loud, low, open pipes, and tall gearshifts. They can be chopped with giant rear tires, lots of carburetors. The owners artistic personality and non-automotive parts seem to find there way into the uniqueness of them. Lets have some fun and take a look.

The front suspension is called “a suicide front end”. The front spring is cantilevered high in front of the frame to allow the car to sit lower. The chassis is a custom frame. Early Ford hydraulic drum brakes. And cow horns have that non-automotive artistic touch. The radiator shell is a trimmed down 1928 or 1929 Ford with faux radiator cap with rooster on top and some tasteful pin striping. Powered by a early small block Chevy with an Edelbrock carburetor with a velocity stack decorated with the proper size horse shoe. Transferring that power to an automatic transmission. Delivering that power most likely to a Ford 9 inch rear end to the 21 inch wheels and tires from a 1928 – 1929 Ford. Open headers that may have baffles or not. The interior is fitted with tractor seats with what looks like early aviation seatbelts. The astro turf carpet and the cow hide tunnel and seat backs are a interesting combination. Missing the extra tall shift lever I found the old hand drill shift lever sticking out of the dash board a unique difference. Door knobs from the local antique store open the doors. The license plate dash board holds all the gages. And the rope wrapped steering has the right feel. The doors appear to have glass windows which is a novel idea for a Rat Rod. The bed of the truck is not very deep due to the lowered stance of the truck. Single tail light “STOP”. Gas tank filler in the middle-front of the truck bed. And the wire mesh rear window screen. Clear coated cab body surfaces. There so many little things to see and the more you look the more you see. Take a look and see what you can find.

This is a mild Rat Rod in terms of Rat Rods. Lets say tastefully done. Thanks for riding along. Frank