1933 Chevrolet Master Coupe

Last updated on November 5, 2021

Today’s car is a 1933 Chevrolet Master 3 Window Coupe with a rumble seat. It is owned by Bob Nicholls and I saw this car at Seal Beach (CA) Car Show. It is finished in a non standard color. The body color looks to be between an Olive and Avocado color with White wheels and a Brown interior. This is not your average 1930’s hot rod. Wow, I did not know this, but this was popular engine upgrade with hotrod enthusiasts in the day because it delivered tremendous power. This GMC in line 6 engine has 302 cu in, with 3 2bbl Weber side draft carburetors pushing around 300 hp. Transferring that power through a 5 speed Tremec manual transmission and delivering that power to Buick 12 bolt rear end. Helping slow this baby down are hydraulic brakes with finned cooled brake drums.

This is a great looking car. I love the built GMC in line 6 engine. Unique!!! I will be looking forward to seeing this car around the vintage car circuit. Thanks for riding along. Frank

Frank Nesta Written by: