1932 TATRA T54

Last updated on November 16, 2022

Today’s car is a 1932 Tatra T54 sedan finished in blue, with a gray interior. I saw this car at the 65th Annual Horseless Carriage Show in Arcadia, CA. It is powered by a OHV, air cooled, 1.46 liter, 4-cylinder boxer engine producing 22 hp, and 4-speed manual transmission. Suspension at the front axle is supported by a transverse leaf spring while a second transverse leaf spring is supporting the swing rear axles. This car features right-hand-drive and is said to have a top speed of about 45mph…

Tatra’s were produced in Koprivnice, Czechoslovakia. 486 were produced that year. They are very unique and rare in the US, and basically look like nothing else on the road. I have only seen a handful of them and they are great attention getters at any car event. Thanks for riding along. Frank

Tatra explaining aerodynamics in a simple way that anyone could understand. in 1934, taken from a Tatra T77 brochure. Just 2 years after this 1932 Tatra T54 shown as an nonaerodynamic example. Photo credits Tatra