1929 Ford Roadster

Today’s car is a 1929 Ford Roadster that is owned by Jerry Mull. It is finished in Cherry Red with a Red and Black naugahyde interior. This traditional Ford Roadster Highboy is powered by an Chevrolet 283 cu in V8, with power pack heads, an Offenhauser aluminum intake manifold, Clay Smith cam, and 3-2 bbl Rochester carburetors. The power is sent to the rear wheels through a 2-speed GM Power Glide transmission and delivers that power to the rear wheels through 1940 Ford rear end with a Halibrand quick-change rear end . Slowing this baby down are 1948 Ford drum brakes. The front suspension is split wishbone with reverse-eye transverse semi elliptical leaf spring and chrome Gabriel shocks. The rear suspension is split wishbone rear end with a Model T transverse semi elliptical leaf spring and Gabriel shocks.

Here are a few more interesting things about this car. This car was in the movie Deuce of Spades released on November 14th 2010. Jerry bought the car in 2009 after all the Hot Rod scenes were completed.  Frank O’Leary is the actor known as Fresno driving Jerry’s Roadster during the film. Timothy McLuke drove he black Deuce, and played the hero, Johnny Callaway. The 93 year old steel body sits on a 1932 Ford frame that has been and modified to accommodate the 29 roadster body and the current drivetrain. It has a 1932 Ford radiator grill shell that has been filled and nosed. The windshield has a 2.5 inch chop. The King Bee headlights and the 1939 Ford taillights give it that classic Model A hot rod look. There are 148 louvers on the hood and 114 on the rear deck for a total of 262. The wheels are steelies, 15 inch up front and 16 inch in the rear, that are painted to match the car with wide whites and 1948 Ford hubcaps. The glass pack mufflers give the car that sound that fits the era. Check out the photo of Jerry and Ed Iskenderian.

The total number of 1927 – 1931 Ford Model A’s produced was 4,320,446. The total number of 1929’s that were built was 1,715,100 of the there were 191,529 2 passenger roadsters built. The original MSRP was $470.00. This is a great example of early Ford Highboy Roadsters built in the classic Hot Rod style. This car is a great for car shows, Cars and Coffee or just a cruise up the coast. Very well done Jerry. Thanks for riding along. Frank

Frank O’Leary in the red deuce and Timothy McLuke in the black deuce,
Frank O’Leary in Deuce of Spades
A cool photo is the one they took of the underside of the car during the movie shoot.
Jerry and Ed Iskenderian.