1925 Franklin Sport Runabout

Last updated on October 6, 2021

Today’s car is a 1925 Franklin Convertible. This convertible is commonly referred to as a “Boattail” due to the tapered rear deck. It is owned by Rob Webb who is Lee Webb son. They are a Franklin Automobile family. The H.H. Franklin Manufacturing Company of Syracuse, NY built America’s most successful air-cooled automobile with its first innovative air-cooled motorcar in 1902 and continued production until 1934. Of the 150,000 Franklins built between 1902 and 1934, it’s estimated that about 3,700 have survived. The 1925 with a new line of cars designed by J. Frank de Causse, one of America‚Äôs first true automotive stylists.  They sported a massive nickel-plated “dummy radiator” at the request of dealers to look like conventional cars. Of the 150,000 Franklins built before the company was bankrupted in the Depression (1934). It’s estimated that only about 3,700 have survived.

The car is finished in light Yellow with a Black interior and a Tan convertible top. It is powered by an air cooled in line 6 cylinder engine with 199 cu in, developing 32 hp which was designed to do 40-50 mph. It transfers that power through a 3-speed manual transmission and delivering to the rear wheels through a spiral bevel gear differential. To slow it down are 4 wheel mechanical drums brakes. The suspension is front and rear elliptic leaf springs. Other standard equipment listed as dome light, trippe lights, sun visor, painted spoke wheels, lion radiator mascot and rear mounted spare tire.

This is a very rare and nice older restoration or a survivor. This one got a lot of attention and well deserved. Thanks for traveling along. Frank

With forced air duct work in place.
Forced air Duct work removed.