1920 Duesenberg Special #33 Race Car!

Today’s car is a 1920 Duesenberg #33 Special Race Car owned by Bobby Green proprietor of Old Crow Speed Shop. I saw this car at Annual Horseless Carriage Show in Arcadia, CA. The car is finished in red metallic with a black interior. The beautiful gold leaf was applied by Larry Fator of Quick Silver Art 46 Studio. It is powered by a 3 liter, Straight engine 8 with twin Winfield Model S carburetors and mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. Slowing this beauty down are mechanical brakes in the rear only. The front suspension is a solid axle with longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs and friction dampers The rear suspension on is a live axle with longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs and friction dampers. The car is sporting Hayes Demountable Wire Wheels, manufactured by Hayes Wheel Co. in Jackson, Michigan. The wheels are wearing 34 x 4 B. F. Goodrich, Silvertown Cord 4 ply 6 ply rated tires manufactured in Ackron, Ohio.

What I like about this restoration is it is not a total restoration. It is more like bring it back to life. The body paint is amazing and the rest of the car is brought back to life mechanically. The functional parts were cleaned up and verified functional and still wear some of the original nicks and chips. The car was debuted at the 1923 Velocity Invitational. Velocity Invitational was created for to gather and track rare vintage race cars from the collections of the international and the United States community.

This eye catching race car that is an amazing example of what can be done to an old race car. What a great car to take to car shows, Cars & Coffee events, or to vintage car races events. Thank you for riding along. Frank